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Saturday, April 29, 2017
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US Potato Board advancing in its efforts to gain access for U.S. seed potatoes in Brazil
April 8, 2004: A major step was taken toward removing barriers keeping US growers out of Brazil, a very promising market for US seed potatoes.

A major step was taken toward removing barriers keeping US growers out of Brazil, a very promising market for US seed potatoes. According to Leah Cochran, US Potato Board International Marketing Manager for Seed, the critical step was the completion of a pest risk assessment (PRA) for US seed potatoes, which was delivered to Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture on March 18. Brazilian plant quarantine regulations bar the entry of all but experimental lots of U.S. seed potatoes. Currently, USPB is conducting seed variety trials to determine which U.S. varieties are best suited for Brazilian conditions. In addition, the trials will help to obtain data required for registering the varieties with the Ministry of Agriculture. Access is likely to be obtained by early 2005 when Brazilian authorities complete their review of the PRA and when US varieties are registered for use in the country. A precursor to the PRA was in October 2003, when Cochran led a US delegation of US potato industry members to Brazil’s “National Potato Encounter,” October 22-24. The delegation included: USPB consultants Dr. Rick Zink and Ed Missiaen; seed potato growers Larry Jensen of Burlington, Washington and Segundo Diaz of Alamosa, Colorado; and Keith Esplin, Executive Director of Seed Potato Growers of Idaho. The bi-annual seminar and trade show sponsored by ABBA – the Brazilian Potato Association —attracted almost 1,100 people, including 55 of the largest and most influential Brazilian potato growers, which account for 30 percent of the country’s potato production. US Potato Board participation helped to raise the profile of U.S. seed potatoes in Brazil. “Many Brazilian producers are looking for alternative table and chip stock varieties,” Cochran said. “More than a dozen growers and grower groups expressed interest in conducting trials of U.S. seed potatoes on their farms.” A survey of the Brazilian Market shows that there is demand for chip-stock and for smooth-skinned, oval or long varieties for the fresh market. There is no frozen potato processing industry in Brazil. In 2002/03 Brazilian growers imported about 60,000 cwt of seed potatoes valued at about $1.7 million on an FOB basis. Imported seed is a valuable supplement to domestically produced seed. The 2004 International Potato Symposium and Seed Tour are set for August 2-6. Brazilian scientists and growers will attend the Symposium in Washington DC on August 2 then head to Colorado’s San Luis Valley for three days of lab and field visits. Cochran asserts, “This tour is a major opportunity to educate the Brazilian potato industry about high quality US seed, especially with the anticipation of Brazil market opening soon.”

Fonte: Global Potato News

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